One more day in May

Hoping to share more of my work with you on my website.
Added many items today and planning to add more soon.
Visit often and let me know what you think!
Please contact me if you have a project in mind that you would like for me to create and I will be happy to give you a cost estimate and time frame.

Custom work is usually not a quick turnaround! Allow plenty of time.

May in Wyoming

You don’t know whether it will be rain, sleet, hail, or snow….or all three!

This is the view on my drive into town…quite an amazing sky!
An hour after I snapped this shot, a huge downpour ensued flooding the town streets.
Weather is tentative in May…not sure that winter is to be left behind, not sure it’s time for Spring, and certainly summer is nowhere in sight.

Moving right along…

So many adventures experienced in the meanwhile…  Change can be amazingly refreshing, mind-expanding, and soothing; and it can be scary, devastating, or life-altering.  How we react to change can significantly affect our ability to reach our goals. Resilience and trust go a long way to make our path unfold more smootly.  Here is a toast to moving ahead with grace!

New beginnings…

Just getting started on my new catecrawfordstudio website and figured that launching a blog might get me into the swing of things.

These little raccoons took up residence in our barn…pretty sure they were born there.  As soon as they were old enough to capture, we re-homed them to a wilder area not so far away where they had a creek flowing nearby.  Two days later, we were driving home from town and saw all three on the roadside ambling back to our place!

Stay tuned!