About commissioned work:

Partnerships of trust between artist and client create amazing products that are deeply honored by both the giver and the receiver.

Many of the examples on this website were done in partnership:  a client came to me with an idea for a gift, a product, a book, a logo, or an empty space in their home or business, and we worked together to find a solution.

If you didn’t know that you can seamlessly work together with a creative individual who is trained in the techniques and subtleties of transcribing your personal ideas –on whatever level–into something very tangible, you are in the right place to change that!

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All photos and artwork on this website were taken by, were created by and are copyrighted by Cate Nailling Crawford, except where otherwise noted:

  • The photograph taken of me writing was taken in a class being taught by English scribe Sir Donald Jackson in 2016 and is copyright Carson Newman University, TN.

  • The photograph of me working on a QuickDraw painting of Old Trail Town (at the Children’s Resource Center in Cody, WY) was taken by photographer Neil Lefave of Cody, WY.

Recent work


In the summer of 2019, my clients asked me to illuminate this prayer to be presented to a newly ordained priest.  It was to be done for a man who had so many qualities and was very humble. This piece is an intentionally loose foundational hand and that with the raised and burnished gold mirrors the spirit of honesty and humility above perfection.  The final piece is about 24 x 28 inches.

Illuminated Prayer
Flat shell gold, raised 20K and 24K gold, gouache.
Calligraphic illumination (final piece above)
Finished Detail

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A bit about me

Seasoned is the best description
I can come up with for me and for my work.  Seasoned with years
of experience in a variety of areas that have blended into the most satisfying combination of knowledge, expression and flavor.

A solid liberal arts foundation from the University of North Carolina has allowed me to work in the most interesting territories within the past 40 years.
I graduated magna cum laude
in fine arts:  painting, drawing and printmaking; and double majored in classical languages:  Ancient Greek and Latin.

That broad background–with exposure to deep technique and deep thought by wonderful instructors–has made it possible for me to know how to gain depth in a multitude of areas with ease.  Knowing when it was time to move forward also kept me growing in the areas of writing, organizing, creating, managing and supervising jobs; as well as exploration and expression in architectural, fine, graphic and publishing arts and teaching.

For well over 46 years, I have been fortunate to have been exposed to and to have worked with some of the best models in the fields of painting, drawing, graphic design, printmaking, glass and neon design, lettering arts, book design, marketing and publishing.  I have had the opportunity to travel extensively and I now live in what I believe to be the most beautiful part of the world!

A variety of my work (glass, signage calligraphy, painting, drawing, books and textiles) has been commissioned and/or collected around the world and exhibited in local and regional invitational and juried shows across the US.

Currently I am working in my studio, doing quick-draw painting events in Cody, Wyoming and teaching calligraphy where I most gratefully live and breathe in the fresh air of the Absaroka mountains each day.

Cate’s Blog

SPRING HAS FINALLY SPRUNG!Today was warm and sunny here with the ground greening and the wind blowing. A long wait for the heat of the sun. Am so ready to get out en plein air. We have two new additions to the family: Annie and OakleyHere they are:

Beautiful, peaceful, quiet snow…our neighborhood is stunningly gorgeous!

Ringing in 2021

Winter is a great time to communicate with friends through letter-writing. And especially this year when most of us are homebound and awaiting vaccination. When snow is flying outside in a strong wind, being inside by the fire is simply the best solution to staying warm. Our hands need to be active to stay warm, …