I have archivally repaired, rebound and fully-restored trade and special bound books for numerous clients including NC Archives & History, numerous book dealers as well as private clients as far away as New Zealand.

In addition, I have designed and created a multitude of handmade books — most incorporating calligraphy and illustration. My book training is mostly self-taught using manuals from traditionalist binders; but I studied in-person with the house binder at Duke University in the 1980s. My most favorite in-person teacher is internationally-known designer bookbinder Monique Lallier.

This one-sided accordian style book uses handmade Fabriano paper inside, handmade Japanese washi paper on the cover boards, suede leather ties, and the text is written using gouache with a reed pen as well as the illustration.

The illustrated and handwritten custom-designed four-signature book is comprised of Luna paper, marbled boards and end sheets, original illustrations done in watercolor and gouache with a handmade linen slipcase and measures 9 x 4.5 x 3/8 inches.

This handmade book was made by me in a workshop taken at Camp Cheerio with Laurie Doctor in 2003. I used gesso and acrylic to paint the boards; and then I created custom pastepapers for the inside of the book as well as for the bead binding, and pastepaper tabs.

More to come!