Today was warm and sunny here with the ground greening and the wind blowing. A long wait for the heat of the sun. Am so ready to get out en plein air.
We have two new additions to the family: Annie and Oakley
Here they are:

Beautiful, peaceful, quiet snow…our neighborhood is stunningly gorgeous!

Ringing in 2021

Winter is a great time to communicate with friends through letter-writing. And especially this year when most of us are homebound and awaiting vaccination.
When snow is flying outside in a strong wind, being inside by the fire is simply the best solution to staying warm.

Our hands need to be active to stay warm, and letter writing is the path to better circulation. Maybe monks of old conjured up the idea of manuscripts simply to stay warm! I would bet on it.

Here’s to your health, your sanity and your heart in 2021!

Welcoming in the New Year!

Looking back on 2019, there were lots of changes and certainly a great deal of wonderment.
I am grateful for the many opportunities I have had in the past year to produce art in a variety of ways for myself and for others. There are always a few challenges; but always great joy.
Here is to an incredible 2020 for everyone!
Thank you to all my patrons out there!
And a toast to 2020 and all the fresh ideas to be explored…

Upcoming Calligraphy Class in Cody in October 2019!

Sign up now!

I am so excited to offer a Continuing Calligraphy class in Cody!
It will be starting October 2 in the classroom at the Cody Country Art League and will run for 6 weeks.
We will meet on Wednesday evening for six weeks.

Please watch for details from CCAL or simply call them to sign up 307-587-3597!

Spring has finally sprung in Cody!

What a gorgeous weekend we are having for Mother’s Day. It has literally been winter until yesterday when the switch flipped to summer temperatures and SUN! It was an amazing day to go into town to watch the annual Jake Clark Horse Sale which takes place in front of the famous Irma Hotel (named after Buffalo Bill’s daughter Irma).

Only in Cody! The annual tradition of Jake Clark’s Horse Sale is not to be missed!
The horse sale takes place in front of the Irma Hotel in the middle of downtown Cody every Mother’s Day.

One more day in May

Hoping to share more of my work with you on my website.
Added many items today and planning to add more soon.
Visit often and let me know what you think!
Please contact me if you have a project in mind that you would like for me to create and I will be happy to give you a cost estimate and time frame.

Custom work is usually not a quick turnaround! Allow plenty of time.

May in Wyoming

You don’t know whether it will be rain, sleet, hail, or snow….or all three!

This is the view on my drive into town…quite an amazing sky!
An hour after I snapped this shot, a huge downpour ensued flooding the town streets.
Weather is tentative in May…not sure that winter is to be left behind, not sure it’s time for Spring, and certainly summer is nowhere in sight.